Monday, September 21, 2009

The Internet or the World Wide Web is indeed a wonderful and amazing addition in our lives. The is a service available on the computer, through which everything under the sun is now at the fingertips of anyone who has access to the Internet. But not a everyone know the advantages of computer. What is an advantage of internet?
The advantages of internet is first email, is an online correspondence system. With e-mail you can send and receive an instant electronic message, which works like writing letters. Your messages are delivered instantly to people anywhere in the world.So it save your money and can communicate with other faster. Moreover, you can strengthen your relationship. Second, access information 'any kind of information on any topic under the sun is available on the Internet. The ‘search engines’ on the Internet can help you to find data on any subject that you need such as if you want to know about essay or something else just typing the word and click as simple as that. Third, along with getting information on the Internet, you can also shop online. There are many online stores and sites that can be used to look for products as well as buy them using your credit card. You do not need to leave your house and can do all your shopping from the convenience of your home such as if you want to buy a crocs ,just go to their website, choose the shoes that you want and give your account no or credit card number. You also can get discount went you purchase it at internet. Fourth, online chat .There are many ‘chat rooms’ on the web that can be accessed to meet new people, make new friends, as well as to stay in touch with old friends such as friendster , myspace ,yahoo messager and the latest one is facebook. you can also can get new girlfriend or boyfriend.huhu. fifth,downloading software.. You can download innumerable, games, music, videos, movies, and hosts of other entertainment software from the Internet, most of which are free.Although internet give many advantage to us it also have disadvantage,so we must use internet properly ,dont misuse the internet for our benefit and to everyone

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